Who am I?

I’m Bekka, a multicolour haired, Hobbit-small reject from the Addams Family. I’m also a nerdy bookworm, with a passion for writing.

If you have ever read Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, you will know what I mean when I say I am Kath. If you haven’t, firstly, go read it, secondly, imagine Belle, just without Prince Adam… yet.


What do you do?

I write a variety of posts, focusing on several topics:

  • books – reviews, news, opinion pieces.
  • mental health issues – depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, etc.
  • bookstores – weekly business round-ups, news, promotional material, etc.

Anything else?

I act as a consultant for budding authors.

Are you a self-published author, wondering how to market your book? letter-handwriting-family-letters-written-51159

I can help with that.

I find the best places for you to market your book, be that blog reviews, promotional websites and social media advertising.

I’m also a consultant for indie bookstores.

I help independent bookstores, websites and magazines promote their business online, through blogs and social media.

Wow, anything else on top of that?

As it happens, I am also available for hire as a researcher.

Are you writing a book, but need to do a tonne of research for it? Do you need information on, say, medieval England, or mystical creatures, or anything else, but have no time to do it all?

That’s where I come in.

Hire me, and I’ll do the research for you. Just give me the topic, and I’ll provide you with a report of all the information I discover, leaving you with more time to actually write your novel.

Sounds like something you want?

Then contact me so we can discuss your needs, and the best way to work together.

What qualifies you for this kind of work?

To start with, I